Recurring phrases Edit

Shotgun Rain Edit

One of the oldest recurring phrases said by Seamus, this phrase is used during gameplay whenever Seamus uses his favorite video game weapon, the shotgun. The wording of the phrase is drawn by the famous internet video "Chocolate Rain" by Tay Zonday.

"FRAG OUT!" Edit

This phrase is said whenever someone throws a grenade during a game, so the others know that a grenade has been released. The phrase mostly has been said by Seamus. The origins of the phrase aren't really known. The Creatures have been saying it for a while. Seamus was most likely the first one to say the phrase. It has been said in various playthroughs, including Seamus' [PROTOTYPE2] with Sp00n, and Nova and Sp00n's Saints Row the Third. Dan also mentioned during his Arkham City playthrough, that one of Joker's henchmen threw a grenade using the "Seamus Frag Out Strategy."

"Bufu, Egypt"Edit

Bufu, Egypt is used to describe somewhere far or the middle of nowhere. It was started by Seamus and used in many of his let's play's. During The Ex-Communicated Series he used it to describe where Nova was building. Since then it  was requested by fans to be defined in Sarcasm with Seamus.

Notable other phrases Edit

Extra StrengthEdit

Extra Strength was a gag created by Seamus and Sp00n. They said it randomly during their Co-op playthroughs. During their Gears of War 2 playthrough, a character, Baird, asked if a planned explosion be regular or "extra strength". Sp00n remembered this part and said it before the character, Marcus, said it. After hearing Marcus say it, Seamus was disturbed by the fact of how close it was to Sp00n's one.


Chutzpah (pronounced like hoot-spah [stress on the H]) is a Yiddish word used to describe something or someone that has insolence or the audacity to do something (negative connotation). The first instance of its use as a joke and not a legitimate statement was after an air hockey match between Gassy and Danz over the master bedroom in the Creature House. Kootra asked Seamus of his opinion on the match and he said that Dan "had chutzpah" while Max had "Detroit chutzpah".