Die Hard Horses are a group of horses owned by Seamus in his Skyrim series.


Feeling that it took too long to go to point A to point B, Seamus bought a blonde horse called Horse, however while trying to get down a mountain, the horse fell to a terrible fate and died. Seamus then bought a second horse called Horse 2: Horse Harder (a reference to the Die Hard Sequel), but while trying to defend his master, Horse Harder, was killed by bandits. The third one was short lived, named Horse 3: Horse with a Vengeance, was killed by Daedras. The fourth horse, Live Free or Horse, proved a very noble horse, assisting Seamus, but when Seamus was descending a mountain, the horse slipped and died, causing Seamus to barrel down the mountain but to live. However shortly after, Seamus found a Stormcloak camp where he got Live Free or Horse 2 (since it was never his own horse), but it suffered the same fate. Seamus then bought a horse that looked like a cow, making it Horse 5: A Good Day to Horse. After fighting a Dragon Priest and Dragon, Seamus thought that Horse 5 died, but it returned, but died after falling off a mountain, ending the Die Hard horses. However, Seamus restarted to a point where he had it (not intentionally) so the legacy continued! After detouring a cave, Seamus came out to see that Horse 5 died due to wolves, ending the Die Hard Horses.